At VRCC, the ICU is fully staffed around the clock with licensed veterinary technicians and assistants. You can rest easy knowing that your pet is constantly monitored by professionals that are trained to recognize changes in patient behavior and act quickly when an emergency situation arises.

Our ICU houses 30 cages for small dogs and cats, and each cage has floor heat that we utilize for hypothermic patients.

Oxygen Chambers

Oxygen therapy chambers

We have 4 oxygen chambers to assist patients who have difficulty breathing or disorders that affect their oxygen regulation. Each of these chambers allows us to select the concentration of oxygen and has climate control allowing us to regulate the temperature and humidity, making it an optimal environment for a critical patient.

Crash Station

The crash station is the area we perform CPR

Our crash station allows us to intervene during life-threatening situations. It is fully-equipped with everything we would need for a patient requiring CPR such as emergency medications, equipment to provide oxygen support, intravenous catheter supplies, and a defibrillator.

Large Dog Runs

Large dog runs in the ICU

For larger dogs, we have 10 runs in the ICU as well as 10 runs in our Healthy Ward for patients that aren't critical. In each run we have the ability to administer oxygen therapy to dogs that are too large for the oxygen chamber.

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